Sea Moss Benefits


Boost Immune System:

Includes plenty of anti-properties such as antibacterial, antimicrobial & antiviral properties.

It may help your body fight off illnesses.

 Glowing Skin & Hair Growth:

Provides numerous minerals and nutrients which make the hair grow fast, thick and long. 

Sea moss has a high sulfur concentration, which can help to reduce excessive sebum (oil) production while also having antimicrobial characteristics. Both of these things have the potential to help consumers with acne.

Sea moss is also great for eczema and sunburnt skin!

Appetite Suppressant:

As fiber does, it will keep you full! It may also reduce or eliminate your sugar cravings, causing you to consume less which will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Regular Thyroid Function:

Many people suffer from thyroid diseases such as thyroid cancer or under/overactive thyroid. Sea moss may provide thyroid regularity. 

Muscle Recovery:

It's a great pain reliever as well as a detoxifier. It can relieve pain from muscle soreness or inflammation and eliminate toxins from the body, making you feel better. 

Good Sex:

 Sea moss is high in zinc and anti-inflammatory properties which provide effective blood flow circulation which makes it an enjoyable LONG evening :)